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15 mL - 0.5 fl. oz
$12.00 retail

SOL-15TONK-841083 - TONKA 15ml.png

Tonka by Solinotes reinvents gourmand notes at the heart of a sophisticated, almond-toned fragrance, revealing its sensuality through addictive and regressive oriental facets!

SOL-15ORAN-890272 - ORANGE 15ml.png

Eternal Orange Blossom, blissful, radiant accords for a sensual fragrance. A sunny harmony where lemon brings just a hint of insolence for a sensual, radiant eau de parfum.

SOL-15VANI-880273 - VANILLA 15ml.png

Sumptuous vanilla, a sunny perfume with exotic accords on a blissful spicy base. It unveils a dominant note, asserting its personality with contrasts created by the white flowers and tonka bean, all on a subtly spicy base. Vanilla, a fragrance that transports you with its gourmet accents.

SOL-15BLAN-771175 - WHITE TEA 15ml.png

A sparkling white tea, delicately scented with bergamot to gently awaken your senses. The purity and the freshness of its notes, widely used in perfumery, reveal a timeless and floral fragrance.

SOL-15TIAR-410876 - TIARE 15ml.png

Exotic Tiare Flower, a suave perfume with heavenly accents. A heavenly break where tiare flower gradually makes way for intoxicating coconut, juicy peach, vanilla and ylang-ylang notes.

SOL-15CHER-900278 - CHERRY BLOSSOM 15ml.png

Cherry Blossom, a vibrant fragrance with tender spring notes. A sweet, unforgettable perfume with cherry and red berry notes enhanced with refreshing lemon, mandarin and cardamom notes.

SOL-15ROSE-490878 - ROSE 15ml.png

Rose by Solinotes, a vibrant perfume packed with full-bodied, mischievous notes. An interpretation embellishing the modernity and freshness of Rose, and unveiling a romantic heart of sweet rose and magnolia.

SOL-15POME-460871 - POMEGRENATE 15ml.png

With Pomegranate by Solinotes, dive right into the heart of a perfume rich in red berries! The intense fruity freshness of juicy pomegranate and delectable raspberry. A perfume you’ll want to devour to unveil your bubbly personality.

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