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Bath and Shower


70 grams - $4.00 Retail

We’ve taken one of the France’s most famous cakes and turned it into soap! You will go back to childhood with this bathroom treat. A delight for the senses that everyone will love. Delicious and decidedly nostalgic!

It is ideal for body and hands.

Madeleine, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate, Mango, Grapefruit, Verbena, Blueberry

Bath and Shower Creams

75 mL - 2.5 oz - $6.00 Retail

 200 mL - 6.7 oz - $10.00 Retail

Leave your skin soft after showering or bathing. Create a voluptuous foam in the bath for a relaxing atmosphere. Make it foam on your skin in your shower or under the bath flow.

Contains shea butter extracts and vegetable glycerin, paraben free

Cotton Candy, Rose, Madeleine, Pina Colada, Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Honeysuckle, Mango, Verbena

Powder Milky Bath


160g – $20.00 Retail

The benefits of the balneotherapy at Home! Opacifies and turns th water into a colored milky bath. Contains natural actives to take care of the skin. Colors, perfumes and creates a delicate foam.


Conditions of use: Pour 30 to 50 g under bath flow. Stir gently to ensure the powder is quickly dispersed. Rinse thoroughly your bath when done.

Soft Shower Gel

75 mL - 2.5 oz - $8.00 Retail

200 mL - 6.7 oz - $14.00 Retail

Softening Shower Gel with sublimating White Grape. Formulated without soap, this shower gel is ideal for sensitive skins.


Conditions of use: Apply on wet skin. Make it foam and rinse.


Exfoliating Shower Gel

75 mL - 2.5 oz - $8.00 Retail

200 mL - 6.7 oz - $12.00 Retail

Offer yourself an “Happy Shower” with our Exfoliating Shower Granitas with their cocktail fragrances!


Conditions of use: Apply on wet skin this Granita in light massage, then rinse.

Cosmo, Spritz, Mojito

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