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Body Cream

200 mL - 6.7 oz - $14.00 Retail

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Orange Blossom

Let the soothing fresh scents of Bergamot & Petit Grain envelope you while the bright Orange Blossom gives you energy for your day.Solinotes Body Balm will be your skins go-to for staying touchable soft, supple, and moisturized


Brighten up your daily routine with the rich and gourmet scent of Vanilla. The golden spices reveal an exotic atmosphere with their sensual and calming accords that signal for an imminent departure on holiday. Keep this bright sunny day going by nourishing and perfuming your skin with vanilla body balm

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Escape to a tropical paradise with the heavenly scents of Monoi & Coconut. Take a break on the white sand and listen to the soothing break of the waves on the shore while lost in a daydream. Keep this bright sunny day going by nourishing and perfuming your skin with Tiare Body Balm.

Cherry Blossom

In the heart of springtime, recharge yourself in the middle of flowering Cherry orchards. Wrap yourself in this delicate and fruity scent that signals a new beginning. Nourish and perfume your skin with Cherry Blossom Body Balm.

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ROSE 1.jpg

The chic, sophisticated Rose is the ultimate expression of grace & feminity. Let yourself be carried away with the sparkling, full-bodied and mischievous floral notes. Nourish and perfume your body with Rose Body Balm.


The fruity explosion of Pomegranate delivers a real boost of energy. Give off good vibes and awaken your senses with the juicy notes of fresh berries. Nourish and perfume your skin with Pomegranate Body Balm!

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