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Cotton Flower - 1,7oz - $23,00


Snuggle up in infinite softness…that's the promise of the Fleur de Coton Solinotes perfume, for a supreme cocooning moment.

Solinotes has chosen to combine tender and flowery nuances to reveal a soft olfactory cloud.

Snuggle up in a deliciously revitalizing cocoon...

The fresh and sweet notes of Bergamot, Rose Bud and Rice Powder blend gracefully. The delicate assembly of flowers with soothing power gives you an intense feeling of comfort. Between softness and lightness, the Solinotes Cotton Flower Eau de Parfum delivers all the softness of its velvety accords. A reassuring caress of Vanilla, Musk and White Cedar sublimates this state of perfect tranquillity.

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