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Grapefruit - 1,7oz - $23,00


Let yourself be surprised by a tangy Solinotes zest, fill up on happy vibes!

Solinotes relies on the fruity and tonic accords of Pomelo to give pep to your days! Full of vitamins to thrill your senses!

Mixed with subtle citrus notes, Pomelo acts as an anti-stress and brings you a good dose of good humor. The floral and fruity combination of Jasmine and Melon quivers in you, the good-mood effect is more energizing. New emotions sparkle in you the joy of living. Thanks to Iris and Vetiver which soothe you, Pomelo Solinotes Eau de Parfum brings you lightness and confidence. Cedarwood and Musk perfect this must-have fragrance with elegance and character.

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