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10 mL - 0.33 fl. oz

$10 retail

Roll-on 10ml TONKA (1).png


A new rich scent for the gourmand, filled with almond toned notes, deep vanilla, amber, and musk.

SOL-10GRAP-320960 - Roll-on 10ml POMELO (1).png


Solinotes Pomelo eau de parfum is bursting with sunshine and zesty summer fruits. The fragrance opens with blood orange and refreshing grapefruit notes, followed by jasmine, cedar wood and a hint of musk.

SOL-10ORAN-330969 - Roll-on 10ml ORANGE (1).png

Orange Blossom

Eternal Orange Blossom, blissful, radiant accords for a sensual fragrance. A sunny harmony where lemon brings just a hint of insolence for a sensual, radiant eau de parfum.

SOL-10VAN-180960 - Roll-on 10ml VANILLA (1).png


Sumptuous vanilla, a sunny perfume with exotic accords on a blissful spicy base.

It unveils a dominant note, asserting its personality with contrasts created by the white flowers and tonka bean, all on a subtly spicy base. Vanilla, a fragrance that transports you with its gourmet accents.

SOL-10YUZU-350684 - Roll-on 10ml YUZU (1).png


Solinotes brings a touch of citrus and offers a brand new interpretation of YUZU in a fresh and stimulating new composition.

SOL-10MUSK-791173 - Roll-on 10ml MUSK (1).png


Sensual White Musk, a beguiling perfume with captivating, voluptuous notes. Refreshed by bergamot head notes, musk is enhanced by the glamour of rose and the sensuality of jasmine. The fragrance flourishes in the enveloping warmth of a cedar wood and benzoin base.

SOL-10TIAR-200965 - Roll-on 10ml TIARE (1).png


Exotic Tiare Flower, a suave perfume with heavenly accents. Worn alone, Tiare Flower is an invitation to wander around the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. A heavenly break where tiare flower gradually makes way for intoxicating coconut, juicy peach, vanilla and ylang-ylang notes.

SOL-10COTO-690599 - Roll-on COTON 10ml (2).png


Solinotes reinterprets the classic Cotton Blossom with a fresh and tender spring smelling fragrance.  Opening with light Mimosa and Rice Powder aromas, Rose and Violet notes amplify the Vanilla and underlying Sandalwood notes. Orange Blossom and Musk delicately complete the fragrance with a crisp yet tender accord.  Relax and envelop yourself with the soft, comforting scent of Cotton Blossom.

SOL-10FIGT-320960 - Roll-on 10ml FIG TREE (1).png

Fig Tree

Give in to the irresistible, fruity and delicate scent of the Fig Tree Flower perfume. Tangy and compelling blackcurrant, grapefruit and fig leaf notes amplify the delicate fig tree flower and peony heart. Sandalwood and fig milk delicately complete the fragrance with a creamy, vibrant accord

SOL-10CHER-190969 -Roll-on 10ml CHERRY BLOSSOM (1).png

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom, a vibrant fragrance with tender spring notes. A sweet, unforgettable perfume with cherry and red berry notes enhanced with refreshing lemon, mandarin and cardamom notes.

SOL-10MAGN-680590 - Roll-on 10ml MAGNOLIA (1).png


The Pink & Glamorous Magnolia is the feminine incarnate that smells like a fresh Spring floral bouquet.

SOL-10ROSE-210964 - Roll-on 10ml ROSE (1).png


Rose by Solinotes, a vibrant perfume packed with full-bodied, mischievous notes. An interpretation embellishing the modernity and freshness of Rose, and unveiling a romantic heart of sweet rose and magnolia.

SOL-10JASM-330686 - Roll-on 10 ml JASMIN (1).png


Elegant Jasmine Blossom, a bunch of white flowers on a precious woody base. The fresh and delicate notes of bergamot and white spices complete a floral and seductive sillage with Arabian jasmine, freesia and lily of the valley. The base notes, shrouded in intense cedar wood and warm amber, are enveloped by the sweetness of the velvety musks. A sensual perfume flaunting timeless beauty.

SOL-10BLAN-771175 - Roll-on 10ml WHITE TEA (1).png

White Tea

A sparkling white tea, delicately scented with bergamot to gently awaken your senses. The purity and the freshness of its notes, widely used in perfumery, reveal a timeless and floral fragrance.

SOL-10POME-801179 - Roll-on 10ml POMEGRANATE (1).png


With Pomegranate by Solinotes, dive right into the heart of a perfume rich in red berries! The intense fruity freshness of juicy pomegranate and delectable raspberry. A perfume you’ll want to devour to unveil your bubbly personality.

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