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The New Line: Paris 1900

FER-BeautyCream - 150017 - BEAUTY CREAM.png

Beauty Face Cream

3.38 oz - 100 ml tube - $37.00 Retail


This silky face and neck cream leaves a subtle powder finish and a delicately fragranced smell. This cream deeply nourishes, repairs and regenerates skin.

Beauty Face Mask

3.38 oz - 100 ml tube - $37.00 Retail


This face mask deeply hydrates and nourishes skin. Its creamy texture combined with authentic and natural ingredients repairs skin and prevent from dehydration.

FER-BeautyMask-150031 - BEAUTY MASK.jpg
FER-BeautySoap -150147 - BEAUTY SOAP.jpg

Beauty Soap

2*100 GR soaps – $14.00


Our soap is made with honey from our hives and enriched with olive oil and shea butter.

Gentle Shampoo

3.38 oz - 100 ml tube - $16.00 Retail


This lightweight shampoo cleanse hair will moisturizing. Gentle on the scalp this product also brightens and smoothens hair giving it a silky effect.

FER-Shampoo - 150079 - GENTLE SHAMPOO.jpg
FER-BeautyHandCream - 150062 - BEAUTY CREAM FOR HANDS.jpg

Beauty Cream for Hands

3.38 oz - 100 ml tube - $14.00 Retail


A gentle cream which thanks to its light and melting texture, moisturizes, nourishes and softens skin. Apply as often as necessary.

Soft Body Cream

3.38 oz - 100 ml - $20.00 Retail


Our silky and creamy body milk will moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It will leave a protective and refreshing film. Apply daily all other your body.

FER-EauMadame - 150208_v1.jpg
FER-EauMonsieur - 150215_v1.jpg

L’eau de Madame Perfume

20% perfume - Size: 3.38 oz - 100 ml - $65.00 Retail


The notes are floral, sweet and airy at the same time. L’eau de Madame is not only an incomparable Eau de parfum, it is also a subtle scent that can advantageously replace the most fashionable extracts.

L’eau de Monsieur Perfume

20% perfume - Size: 3.38 oz - 100 ml - $65.00 Retail


The notes are both spicy and greedy.

L’eau de Monsieur dresses you up and underlines your elegance on a daily basis. This fragrance will quickly become your daily reflex.

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