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About us 


Alexandrine Aubry

President of Scents of Europe Distribution

Head of the subsidiary of a leading French cosmetics group, Nuxe, for 13 years.

The strength of this experience is:

  • A perfect knowledge of different distribution markets (E-Commerce, E-Retailer, Department Stores, Chains, Independent Stores and Teleshopping).

  • The development of brand awareness due to a Marketing & Sales strategy that has been widely proven over the years.

  • The importance of its network in the US and European cosmetic world

  • Originally from France, life implanted and integrated in the United States for over 30 years

Our services

  • Consignment Distribution (Consignment Products)

  • 50% of Wholesale Market Research / Strategy (Price, Product Selection, Distribution Strategy Suggestion)

  • Distribution (purchase of products) – 60% of Wholesale

  • Market Research / Strategy (Price, Product Selection, Suggested Distribution Strategy)

  • Sell In / Sell Out

  • Marketing plan with promotion

  • Commissioning Agent – TBC

  • Market Research/Strategy (Price, Product Selection, Distribution Strategy Suggestion)

  • Digital marketing through Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin…)
    Participation to events and shows (International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Miami, New-York…)

Our objectives

  • Adapting the brand to the market, Business Development and Logistics Management and Stock

  • Expand the US market, Gain market share faster

  • Gaining quickly in implementation, Complete management of the distribution from sales to logistics

  • Giving Sell In & Sell Out support with a sales and training force

  • Provide a Financial, Management and Accounting structure.

  • Increase Turnover through a new country

  • Increase International Awareness

  • Create a structured and dynamic partnership

  • Develop and increase Brand awareness through Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin…)

Our partners

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