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A Customer Favorite!

People love these candles - the savory scents are big favorites- especially for gourmands and home chefs. The brand is super friendly, communicative and responsive - reorders come quickly (and sell quickly).

Cirerie de Gascogne presents the art of living in Gascony through unique and atypical olfactory worlds.

Gascony is an endearing region because of its ideal way of life, respecting traditions, nature and the passing of time.

As the seasons go by, nature changes its colours and smells to reinvent itself tirelessly, and it is these sensations that you will find in their collections. Each season, a new colour and a new assembly to explore the atmosphere of the moment.

La Cirerie de Gascogne is the meeting of a Nose, a Cellar Master, an Artisan Cirier d'Art and a Mousquetaire who, together, have developed exceptional olfactory universes for your well-being.

Let yourself be taken by the nose, they'll take you to their place, in Gascony!

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