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Nuxe Men

Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose After-Shave Balm

Soothing, 24-hr moisturizing


50 ML - 1.76OZ - TUBE

Perfect after Multi-Function Shaving Gel for even more comfort and softness.
Can also be applied to the entire face as part of a daily skincare regimen.

Nuxe Men Multi-use Shower Gel

Face, Body, Hair


200 ML - 6.76OZ - TUBE

In the morning and/or evening, massage a drop of shower gel over damp skin on your body. Enjoy its melting texture and delectable foam, then rinse off.

Nuxe Men 24hr Protection Deodorant

No marks, no stains


50 ML - 1.76OZ - ROLL-ON

In the morning after showering, apply the deodorant to clean, dry skin. Reapply at any time of day if necessary.

Nuxe Men Eye Contour

Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, anti-aging


15 ML - 0.5OZ - PUMP

Squeeze a small amount of product with your middle finger and put half of it on each middle finger. Apply the product in light tapping movements under the eye contour and under the brow bone. Smooth the product onto the skin lightly without pressure. Finish with smoothing figure of eight movements around the eyes

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